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ebmpapst world wide は2012年度 Every day is a GREEN DAYキャンペーンを実施。
7月9日~13日がそのキャンペーンのJapan Week でした。

弊社のGreenTech ismの実践で日本では既に馴染みある事も含め、様々な試みをしました。


Activity 1: "Eco Caps Movement" (エコキャップ活動)
エコキャップ活動Collect used pet bottle caps and deliver them to NPO ECOCAP.
Used pet bottle caps are recycled and funding vaccines for the world's children.

Activity 2: "Used Stamps Movement" (古切手収集活動)
古切手収集活動Collect used stamps and deliver them to JOICFP. Used stamps are sold to collectors of used stamps.
The sales makes supporting women, mothers and children in the disaster stuck areas including by earthquakes and tsunami in Japan.

Activity 3: "Pencil Gifts" (ペンシルギフト)
ペンシルギフトWe deliver unused pencils to Nakazato Gakuen in Yokohama, an institution for homeless and maltreated children.

Activity 4: "GreenTech appearance" (グリ-ンテック)
グリーンテックラベルGreen Tech Labels on sales cars and products delivery boxes.

Activity 5: "Sales Promotion" (営業活動での取組み) 
Every Day our Sales Engineers visit customers to exlain our GreenTech philosophy.

Activity 6: "Electricity Lights off during Lunch Time" (節電)

Activity 7: "Paper Use Reduction" (用紙再利用)
Copying , Printing ... rethink!
When you need it and try minimizing for use, reduce size, reuse used paper, etc.

Activity 8: "Personal Challenge" (個人での取組み)
No paper towels use, minimize using Escalator & Elevator, personal challenge is depending on our individual life style.